Monday, 8 August 2011

A Welcome "Weed" In The Garden

The other day I popped into the library and found myself sifting through the "to be discarded" shelf. The sign stated, "Fill a bag for $1". That's a deal that can't be beat! I resisted the urge to stuff my bag full and was very selective in the titles I chose. I'm on a never-ending mission to declutter our home and keep the stream of "stuff" coming into our house to a minimum. There were, however, a few books I could not pass up! I was prettysure BMX Racing would be an instant page turner for the boys.

Both Chi-Chi and Muffy are incredibly fascinated with the sport of BMX these days! I have to admit, as a mother of boys, it's sometimes a stretch for me to be enthusiastic about some of their interests. Having travelled across Canada by bicycle when when Iwas 23, I'm no stranger to cycling.....however the jumps and tricks are a little hard on my head and heart! I actually keep a stash of band-aids in my pocket and I easily go through a dozen or so a day. I am, however, just happy to see them having lots of muddy fun and getting a good dose of daily exercise. Lucky for me, their BMX track is conveniently located within view of my garden. I'm able to keep an eye on the antics while I work away at my weeding.

It's definitely been a weak year for the garden considering the wet and foggy weather we've experienced! My great garden expansion project is still underway, with my efforts this year focusing on soil enrichment. Seaweed gathering has become a favorite activity for the boys and I. I'm betting we will all reap the benefits of our efforts in a year or so. Although the seaweed is currently serving as a mulch to keep the pesky weeds away, this nutrient-rich goodness will be worked into the soil come fall. The beach is just across the street so it has been fairly convenient to gather a decent quantity of it.

My little "helpers" usually assist in the gathering for a short spell. When their interest wanes, they shift their focus to beach-combing and exploring. We never leave empty handed. Our collection of unidentified bones is growing by the day! Today Chi-Chi discovered a starfish on the rocky shore. After confirming it was dead, he decided to take it home for further study. Oh, I do wish I could bottle that pure, raw sense of curiosity and enthusiasm that children exhibit. I found him parked at his desk with his journal, "specimen" and magnifying glass. What's so wonderful is that his questions push me to learn and grow as a person. He identified a "dot" on the top of the starfish and needed some answers!! It turns out the dot is called a madreporite, used to flush water in and out of the creature's body. It is moments like these that I love to capture and document. They serve as a reminder to nurture the boys' curiosity and desire to learn.


Michelle Cleary said...

Lovely Jen! I love how you embrace all the interests of the boys! Garden look great, especially compared to the early spring!

The Wool Fairy said...

The garden is certainly a work in process, but it's nice looking back at the older photos and seeing the progress.

Michelle Cleary said...

I am trying to keep a garden journal this year and write dates and times for thing so I can compare next year. I think my asparagus and garlic is a bust this year.

The Wool Fairy said...

A journal is a great idea! I have kept one off and on, but haven't been faithful to it. I really should get back on track. Thanks for the idea. I always think I'm going to remember what variety of seed I purchased, or where I planted it....but I never do!!! (: