Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Penny for your Thoughts...and your Piggy Bank

We are currently in Stage 2 of our summer vacation. This portion is a bit of a "staycation" as we are sticking fairly close to home. Hubby has had the opportunity to pick away at the barn/church project, which is slowly but surely coming together. With Hurricane Irene creeping up the coast, we felt we better get things tightened down a bit! I'm trying so very hard to remain patient as the project creeps along. My mind gets ahead of me with plans and ideas!!

This week saw the addition of some old church windows. They are not from the original structure, but I like that we have retained a bit of the church look and feel. I'm also feeling good about the reclaimed aluminum roofing - both more economical and aesthetically pleasing. The barn is a blend of old and new as we try to incorporate reclaimed materials where possible.

Power tools, scaffolding and eager little helpers are not a great combination! I needed a solution to make Chi-Chi and Muffy feel like contributors, while keeping them a safe distance from the construction action. The boys have been put to work over the last couple of days, collecting pennies for their piggy banks. Their work contract provides them with a penny for every nail they pick up from the work site. There is certainly no shortage of work! At the rate they're going, they just might pay their way through college!


Beachbum said...

Great to see what the church/barn, whetever, is looking like.

Steve & Dianne

The Wool Fairy said...

You will have to pop by and see it when you make it back to Nova Scotia!

Robyn said...

Can I live in your church/barn?? I've always wanted to renovate one into a home.