Monday, 29 August 2011

Back to School Blues and Lunch Box Love

The first day of school is fast approaching, though I hate to admit it. I simply don't want this summer to end, for so many reasons. I've got some "back to school blues" going on with Chi-Chi entering grade 1 and Muffy headed for primary (kindergarten). My nest is feeling pretty empty ):

Although keeping up with these two this summer had its challenging and exhausting moments, it's been a magical time. I'm happy with the time and freedom they had this summer - time to ride their bikes, catch toads, make sand forts, learn some ukulele, dine alfresco, hunt for beach treasures ......

So, with school approaching, my mind can't help but jump ahead to lunch boxes. This year, I'll be packing for Muffy as well, who is a bit more finicky than his brother. I've been making lists of ideas and will soon start stocking the freezer with kid-sized servings of chili and homemade pizza. It's convenient to have warm-lunch options on hand.

I also decided to make some new cloth/velcro snack bags. I picked up some super cute fabric on vacation that I thought the boys would enjoy. These bags represent one of my efforts to reduce the use of plastic in our lives. I usually fill them with a little "trail mix" of treats like dried cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and breakfast cereal. This was Chi-Chi's first choice for recess snack last year. I was impressed, he always brought them home and not one went missing all year.

I'm adding something new and fun to this year's lunches. I made up a couple of these fruit cozies in an effort to keep apples and pears from getting bruised and beaten. Those lunches can take a beating on that bus ride to school! The cozies are easy for little hands to slip on and off and should do the trick!

I guess these little handmade offerings are my way of adding some fun to my back-to-school preparations. Oh, and for more back to school fun, check out this great giveaway over at Maple Tree Montessori! I am going to miss this special school so much!

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