Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Boy and his Hunt for Treasure

As a child, I spent my summers at the shore, living at our family cottage in the tiny community of Seaside, New Brunswick. It was lovingly referred to as Seaside Farms and was the back drop for many fun family adventures, activities and celebrations. It was close enough to my father's business that he could drive back and forth to work each day. The days were pretty much ours to design, free from schedules or plans. My sister and I spent an endless amount of time on the beach, searching for treasures, doing crafts, exploring the sea life.

Hunting for sea glass was a favorite activity of ours. It was truly a treasure hunt as we scanned the pebbled beach for those smooth and tumbled gems. The discovery of a rare piece of blue glass was always particularly thrilling. Much time has passed since those childhood days, but my thirst for this type of treasure hunting has not waned. It is being passed down from one generation to the next, as my sweet Chi-Chi recently caught a case of the treasure hunting bug. Last week we visited Northern New Brunswick where I grew up, and walked some of those same stretches of beach I explored as a child. It warms my heart to see my little boy share my love of this pastime. He and I enjoyed some quiet one on one time, on some long morning beach strolls. As we slowly walked along, patiently scanning the water's edge, we chatted leisurely about our discoveries, conjuring up guesses of where they came from and how old they were. I have to say, that little boy has a keen sense for spotting sea glass and even managed to find some impressive pieces of blue.

We came back home to our own Seaside Farms (II), but not without some special mementos to reminisce about our trip. Chi-Chi's got his sea glass proudly displayed on his dresser. I'm loving the wine bottle my mother gave him to hold his treasures - rather appropriate! Of course, his goal is to fill the bottle to the very top! Sounds great to me - let's go back to the beach!

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