Friday, 12 August 2011

Sand and Silliness

Just over 2 years ago, I started the tradition of maintaining a seasonal nature table in our household. It's something the children genuinely enjoy. It is a space in our home that is visited each day by both Chi-Chi and Muffy. Some days it might inspire a silent observation. Other times it is a stage for a bit of imaginative play or the addition of a newly discovered nature treasure. I love that it has become a fixture in our living space and a special spot to contemplate and appreciate nature, the passing of time and the changing of seasons. Over the years, I've enjoyed creating or discovering special items to add to the display. It is evolving and ever-changing. As the seasons come and go, some special items are tucked away and others are retrieved from storage.

Once special item I reserve especially for the summer season is our tiny zen garden. I put this together after first seeing it at the boys' Montessori preschool. To this day, the school's sand garden is always mentioned as the favorite work from preschool. Both Chi-Chi and Muffy were drawn to it. I think it provided them a sense of soothing comfort during those early days when they most likely experienced some separation anxiety. The contents of the tray often change. We keep little bits of driftwood, smooth rocks, sea glass and shells on hand to arrange. It's very simple to put together. I think a feather or a little twig could be used in place of the rake quite nicely.

Ah, these moments of quiet meditation are so sweet and precious (: It's always interesting to me how quickly Chi-Chi and Muffy can do a complete 360. Moving from a calm, solitary activity to fully rocking it out on their "saltbox guitars" just 30 seconds later. Those crazy boys, I do love them! They are OBSESSED with Matt Mays these days and anything they can find with some electric guitar, also referred to as "Zambonie Music" around here. After I took these shots, I decided that maybe the table dancing wasn't a good idea, despite the fact it made the perfect stage. That poor old antique table appears to be standing on it's last legs and I'm surprised it didn't buckle under all those rock star moves.

Crazy boys, I tell you! Happy Friday!

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KnitterMama said...

I have had a nature table for a couple of years too and we also have items that we save seasonally for the table. Somehow our summer shells have gotten strewn all over the place--everywhere but our nature table! Your zen garden sounds wonderful.