Sunday, 7 August 2011

And They Call It.....Ducky Love!

The summer is flying by, and despite my good intentions and grand plans, I am neglecting this space! More than ever, I'm finding life with the boys busy. It's not hectic in the sense that our days are packed with planned activities, although we are certainly enjoying our summer swimming and tennis lessons. I'm learning that 5 and 6 year old boys are literally bursting with energy - energy that needs to be burned and refuelled constantly throughout the day! When they aren't sitting at the dining room table refueling their growing bodies, they are out the door in the blink of an and running.....which ususally means I'm not far behind! We are spending our time soaking up as much of these summer days as possible, rain or shine or fog!

There has been lots of fun farmyard action this summer to keep Chi-Chi and Muffy occupied. Their pet ducks are now full grown and both boys are quite smitten with their special feathered friends. I'll take a pet duck over a puppy any day! Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, and have such fond memories of our childhood beagle, Barney. I am, however, happy to have any animal that lives outside the four walls of my home! Another creature to clean up after is not something this Mama needs right now (: We've had so much wet weather that the chicken/duck yard is pretty much a muck pit. Chi-Chi and Muffy don't mind at all, and are constantly "bonding" with Ducky and Lovey. It turns out we have two females - one Appleyard and one runner duck. We also have a male runner duck named Toyota. Do I hear new little ducklings in my future?? Our runner duck hen started laying this week, producing the most beautiful blue eggs. It took some Scooby-Doo style sleuthing to figure out that our duck was laying as opposed to our Americauna hens. I'm currently enjoying my first batch of "duck egg" brownies with my afternoon cup of tea. Any interesting suggestions for using my new eggs would be appreciated!!

We also have one new little baby chick on the farm, hatched by one of our broody mama hens. She's as sweet as can all baby chicks are. The boys teamed up and named her "Sunny Rainbow". Ah, I do love the hilarious names these two monkeys dream up. How cute is that? It's enough to melt my heart.

Yes, lots to keep up busy in these parts and still lots of summer days to savour!

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