Thursday, 30 April 2009

Special Deliveries

I remember a time, not so long ago, when a trip to the mailbox offered an element of surprise and anticipation. Back before the days of instant electronic messaging, one might look forward to an amicable note or newsy letter tucked inside their box. As a young girl, I enjoyed the writing relationships I developed with pens pals and friends and family from afar. My bedroom desk stored a rather extensive collection of interesting writing paper, note cards, fun stickers and personalized envelopes. Even during my university years, my mom sent me regular letters and thoughtful cards. I’ve saved most of the cards and letters from those times and enjoy re-reading them to reminisce, remember and have a good laugh!

These days, my trips to the mailbox are quite boring and uneventful. From an environmental perspective, that’s not a bad thing I suppose. I’ve managed to eliminate most mail by signing up for e-bills and posting a “No Junk Mail” sign. While I am a huge fan of email and value its convenience, I do miss the days of receiving lovingly handwritten notes. One can shoot off a quick email in an instant, but a written letter involves an investment of time and thoughtfulness on the part of the sender. A hand written letter is so much more personal and intimate. On a recent two-month vacation, my parents sent the boys a number of postcards. What a treat for my sweeties. They are quite proud of their “mail” and have these interesting cards proudly posted next to their globe. As a bonus, the postcards offered an opportunity for a lesson in geography!

So, last week my postman did deliver some exciting goodies to my box. The Wool Fairy recently participated in some super fun trading action with a couple of very talented fellow mamas and Etsy sellers. I did a little swapping with the friendly and talented Sherrie at Birch Bark Soaps in Nova Scotia. Her hand-made soaps are just plain yummy! She sent along some lovely unscented cakes for Chi-Chi and Muffy and treated me to a few other delicious combinations including peppermint poppy seed and carrot. They are divine! I cut up the unscented ones into “kiddie sized” bars. The kids LOVE their new personal bars of soap and have been washing their hands enthusiastically ever since (not a bad thing to promote these days!)

I also received some amazing clay creations from my favorite potter and cousin, Sarah at Branch Designs. I’m in love with these pottery charms! The jellyfish is “ridiculously cute” to quote my husband. I plan to make a driftwood mobile with them. So fun!

I'm starting to realize it has been eons since I last put pen to paper and wrote a personal note. It's probably time to dust off that old box of stationery! What's that saying....."What goes around, comes around"...

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sherrieg said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying them, and thanks for the mention. :)