Saturday, 25 April 2009

Chi-Chi's New Job

All the happy spring weather we’ve been having gave me an itch to pull out my dye pot this week. Not that I’m in the mood to be stuck inside over a hot stove! I do, however, enjoy the mere act of hanging a freshly dyed skein out to dry in the bright sunshine and crisp sea breeze. With the world around me illuminated in sunlight, the vivid colors just outside my kitchen window are inspiring. From the rich browns of our garden earth to the fresh green of tender plant shoots, I’m surrounded by color, texture and natural beauty. The ever-changing pallet of blues, greens and greys of the moody Atlantic Ocean offers a limitless selection of dye pot variations! I have a good system that allows me to get a batch in the oven to set while I head outdoors with Chi-Chi and Muffy.

I recently signed up to be a vendor at the Zonta Fibre Arts Bazaar. The bazaar will be held in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival taking place in Amherst this October. Though it feels like eons away, I know the time will fly by. I want to enjoy the process of creating for this event. Last minute preparations always leave me stressed and frazzled. The fun gets zapped pretty quickly! I’m also toying with the idea of offering my hand-dyed skeins in my Etsy shop. Though I create the skeins with rug hookers in mind, no doubt there are many creative uses for these nature-inspired skeins.

I will have to build up a decent amount of inventory for the bazaar. I decided it was time to hire an assistant to ease the “work load”. Chi-Chi recently became an employee of The Wool Fairy. He’s in charge of rinsing the dyed skeins. He’s really quite tickled about his new responsibilities. No doubt his free and unlimited access to the garden hose has something to do with the enthusiasm!

Yes, Chi-Chi’s skills are in high demand around here. He’s Daddy’s right hand man on the chicken coop construction site. The little guy takes his work very seriously and ensures he is well dressed for the job. Check out this thrifted work suit I picked up for $2 at Value Village. It’s my definition of cuteness. I snatched it up in October hidden among the Halloween costumes. Now that the weather is warming up a bit, he’s able to put it to proper use in the yard.

Ah yes, that’s my Chi-Chi! Always making things easier around here for Mommy and Daddy (:


acook said...

what a beautiful post! so much color, and liveliness. cow bay is a truly beautiful place, that's for sure. we take drives out there quite often. it is my dream to own a nice piece of acreage, where i can be nestled right in with nature.

April said...

I'm excited for the Fibre Arts Festival. Don't forget those of us who love wool but aren't rug hookers - I'd love to see a plum/pink combination to match some mermaid fabric I just bought for a skirt I want to make in my next life...

Michelle said...

Love your description of the area where you live. I have family all over Canada, mostly NB, and have been to beautiful "Novie" many times.

It's so wonderful that Chi-Chi can be part of the process like this!

Have a great day!!