Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Good Times

There was an unusual state of calm and quiet in our home yesterday afternoon. Perhaps we were all just coming back to earth after an exciting and eventful weekend. Chi-Chi turned four years old on Sunday so our home was brimming with anticipation, celebration, excitement, cake, family, balloons, love and just plain old fun.

Despite the grand significance of the affair, it was kept pretty low key and simple. The invitation list was limited to family. The menu was limited to cake and ice cream. I will admit that the mastodon cake certainly added an element of complexity to my adventures in the kitchen. It was worth the effort to see the look of awe and satisfaction on Chi-Chi’s face when he first set sight on his cake. The expectations were high on this one so I’m happy Mommy delivered!

The party was topped off with an action-packed game of basement floor hockey. The sight of the six little cousins decked out in their “gear” was my definition of “cuteness”. With sticks and pucks flying in all directions, it was perhaps not as safe as more traditional birthday games, but a good time was had by all.

No doubt the element of serenity present yesterday had something to do with the new stash of books, art supplies and hockey gear to delve into! Whatever the reason, I enjoyed it while it lasted. It gave me a quiet moment to sit, observe and reflect about my sweet little boy. Just four short years ago, he entered our lives and changed us like no other event. As a mother, I have discovered that my children's birthdays seem to evoke more emotion and hold more significance than my own.

Happy Birthday Chi-Chi! We love you!

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