Friday, 17 April 2009

The Sound of Music

I’m slowly making my way through my current favorite book on the nightstand, The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I have a natural tendency to burn through a book at lightning speed. Once I’m immersed in the pages of a great read, I find it nearly impossible to tear myself away. I decided to approach things a little differently this time around. I’ve slowed down my pace and am reading this book in tidbits as I take the time to absorb, ponder and simply enjoy the words. She has such a amicable and pleasant writing style! I’m taking little notes as I think of ways to incorporate some of the projects, ideas and concepts into our family life. The truth is, I will be sad to read the last page. I look forward to this little treat to savor at the end of each day.

I do admit to jumping ahead to a later chapter to check out some of the photos. One idea in particular caught my attention. There was no absorbing or pondering required. I simply HAD to make a banging wall! I knew Chi-Chi and Muffy would love it! Though I have nothing against those popular preschool music classes, my own children were less than enthusiastic about them. (Personally I thought they were lovely) Our new banging wall is a fun way to incorporate a little music and rhythm into their lives. It’s also a great outlet for all members of the family to release built up stress and frustration! Luckily, we don’t have any neighbors close by who might complain (:

This may sound odd, but most of the materials were sourced from our nearby forest. When we purchased our property, it was home to about forty junker cars and other objects from the past. Although we did a heavy duty clean up effort before breaking ground, a few relics still remain in a couple of obscure and hard to reach corners of our land. I took an hour or so to poke around and retrieved a couple of old hubcaps, a cooking pan and a Pepsi crate! How exciting to find a use for this old junk!

As one might expect, the outdoor percussion set has been a huge “hit” with the boys. I’m looking forward to the upcoming alfresco concert series this summer! Yes my friends, our hill is alive with the sound of music!


April said...

I know a little Cammie Cam who would appreciate the banging wall. He thinks my kitchen table is a drum kit! Boys ;)

I think our neighbours are too close for this, but we now have a great new sand box a la Seaside Farms!

Michelle said...

Hi there! I just followed your link from your comment at Soule Mama. It's so funny; I was leaving her a comment at the same minute about making our way through the Creative Family & making our own banging wall, and clicked over here to find you up to the same thing.

Well, nice to meet you. My name is Michelle, I love in NH, USA, and look forward to reading through your blog when I have some time later today.

Happy Earth Day!!

The Wool Fairy said...

Hi Ladies,

April, come over any time and let Cammie bang to his heart's content. I think it does your mind and body good!

Michelle, nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by. Isn't the banging wall a grand idea!? Did you get yours complete yet. I'm loving finding new things to add to it. I have to admit, I've been doing my fair share of banging around here. Great for releasing frustration!

Have a good day!

Michelle said...

Hi again Jen,

Ours isn't complete yet, but we're having a lot of fun with the process! We had a terrible ice storm here over the winter and are dealing with the downed trees on our property now that the snow is finally gone. Those big trunks are being put to good use with this project!

Like you I'm sure I'll be out there making my own noise, oops, I mean music, with all the boys :-)