Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Waiting for Santa...

I feel like a kid eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival this afternoon. In just a few short hours, a package filled with wonderful goodies will arrive on my doorstep. What’s so great about my surprise package is that it is a weekly occurrence! Tuesdays are like Christmas around here.

Last week’s basket was filled to the brim with a wide selection of tasty and mouth watering treats. I’m not talking fudge and fruitcake my friends! I’m talking organic sprouts, fresh spring arugula, sweet organic carrots and plump little tomatoes.

Like so many others, our family has been making an effort to supply our diet with local and organic foods. I have to admit, it can often be a struggle. Sadly, our handy and convenient large chain grocery store is most certainly not a place to seek local foods. Because Hubby works in the city five days a week, the last thing we feel like doing on a Saturday morning is packing up the car and driving back to the downtown area Farmer’s Markets.

I recently discovered the perfect solution to assist us in obtaining fresh local produce and supporting Nova Scotia farmers. Our family signed up for a weekly food box delivery program with TapRoot Farms, based out of Port Williams, Nova Scotia. This program is referred to as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Though the concept of weekly food boxes is not necessarily new to our area, this seemed to be good timing for our family to participate in such a program. They deliver the weekly baskets to a central location not far from our home. We alternate the pick up of the goodies with a handful of neighbours who also signed up. It’s turned into a convenient and exciting way to shop fresh and local.

It’s also a great way to get the whole family excited and enthusiastic about eating a healthy diet. Both Chi-Chi and Muffy were very intrigued by the contents of last week's basket. They enjoyed munching on “leaves”, just like their deer and bunny friends. Between the two of us, Muffy and I devoured a two pound bag of carrots in just three days! It’s also forcing me to spice things up a bit with my menu planning. Last week Taproot supplied a recipe for squash apple soup, which was simply delicious. This afternoon I tried out a batch of very tasty squash muffins. Teamed with a glass of cold milk, they made a yummy and healthy snack for the wee ones.

I find myself looking ahead to the upcoming seasons, getting excited about nature's offerings that will grace our dinner plates. I'll take garden greens over fruitcake any day!

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Pink & Green Mama said...

How wonderful!! We tried to join a local CSA but all of them are full. I'm glad so many people in our area are supporting local agriculture but frustrated that I can't partake...I guess I'll be schlepping to the farmer's market again this year.