Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Silly Spring Fun

Perhaps it is rather silly of me to be talking “spring” today. The boys and I are snowed in, yet again! Despite the wintry atmosphere, we are focusing our creative efforts on spring today. I think it’s called wishful thinking!

We haven’t been getting outdoors as much as I would like, so I’ve been busy compiling a casual curriculum of indoor crafts and activities to keep Chi-Chi and Muffy occupied. Although they do a fine job of entertaining themselves around here, every now and then they need a little “re-direction” in order to let the dust settle (literally).

Simple is the keyword for me these days! I sacrificed my copy of the Vesey's seed catalogue to the crafting cause. Both little guys had fun clipping out the beautiful and brightly colored photographs. Chi-Chi even worked a bit on his botany skills, picking up a few names of flowers.

Though I’m quite certain our froggy friends are still hibernating peacefully as the bottom of the bog, we’ve been reading up on their lifecycle the past couple of days. I whipped up a couple of these fun little beanbag frogs to add some interest and silliness to the topic. The pattern came from my copy of The Children's Year, but truth be told you certainly don’t need a pattern for this one!

Finally, our dear friend the Easter Bunny commissioned us to paint a few eggs for him! I blew out some eggs for the project and both boys were surprisingly very gentle and careful in their painting. I also had a stash of wooden eggs from Lee Valley that we painted and sealed with beeswax. They make the perfect addition to our play Easter egg collection and the boys have been busy playing hide and seek with them.

Check out these poor ducks freezing off their tail feathers. I found them scrounging around for food in our backyard this morning. The poor little guys are probably wondering why they jumped the gun and left that warm southern weather so early! I guess I’m not alone in my yearning for spring-like weather!

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