Sunday, 1 March 2009

In the Company of Crafts

Nothing quite warms the body and soul on a cold winter day than crafting by the warmth of my woodstove. These days, most of my creative endeavors take place after the sun goes down. A perfect winter evening in my books includes a ball of wool, a cup of tea (of course) and a quilt on my lap. I cherish these peaceful dark hours at the end of a busy day. With the little ones tucked in bed, I am free to let my mind wander and think as I work on my project in uninterrupted luxury!

I’ve got quite a number of creative efforts on my plate at the moment. For one reason or another, spring is an eventful time in our family. Holidays and birthdays fill the pages of the calendar during April and May. My handmade Christmas was so rewarding and successful that I have plans to continue the tradition during other gift-giving events throughout the year. In order to keep it light and fun, it’s important for me to stay ahead of the game. As long as the pressure is off, I enjoy the making of the gift just as much as the giving. Last minute scrambling and I just don’t jive. I would hate to offer a handcrafted gift that was created with a negative, stressed and rushed mindset.

Winter weather and woolly crafts just seem to go hand in hand for all members of the family (except Hubby it seems). Little Chi-Chi has been working diligently on his share of woolen creations. Both of the little ones display such a curiosity and interest in everything that goes on around here and a genuine enthusiasm to participate. He’s been sewing “hooked rugs” on burlap this past week – an idea I borrowed from his Montessori preschool. My colorful basket of yarn sits between us as we work quietly beside one another - sharing wool, good company and a love for handicrafts.

With Hubby being a tax accountant, he’s heading into a hectic couple of months! At least I’ll have my crafts to keep me company while the poor guy burns the midnight oil at the office!


Viki said...

I too hate to give a gift that was rushed or I knit with negative emotions. Knitting is supposed to me mindful or meditative. Can it be both? A clearing of the mind while knitting a "mindless" sock and mindful while knitting lace or cables? I think so.

I put down a top I was knitting for my then 16 yr old DD once because we were going through such hard times with her "growing up" that I didn't want to "knit" that negative energy into anything! I still haven't finished it and she is now 21.

Viki said...

p.s. I came to your blog through Soulmama's. And I also wanted to wont waste wool on a sweater...if you don't like it, reclaim the yarn and make something else.

The Wool Fairy said...

Perhaps one of these days you'll return to that sweater.....of course, as you say, you could always reclaim the yarn and knit something new for her, something different and suitable for a grown up young woman.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Take care