Saturday, 7 March 2009

Like Father, Like Sons

It seems our frequent trips to the beach over the last few weeks have reignited an interest in surfing around here. For the time being, the monkeys will have to be satisfied with the makeshift waves I made for them. It’s just a little too icy to send these two wee ones frolicking in the ocean waters!

They come by their passion for surfing honestly I suppose. Perhaps it is simply ingrained in their DNA codes. Anybody who knows Hubby is well aware that he is a dedicated surfer. Many people (myself included) would argue that another word for dedicated in this case might be a tad “crazy”. I’m not sure what kind of metabolism rate he’s churning out, but he must have one hot set of coals inside his belly if he can brave those frigid wind and water temperatures during these winter months. Of course, I realize he’s wearing a wet suit, but I actually begin to develop hypothermia at the mere thought of venturing into the fierce Atlantic Ocean in sub-zero temperatures. I’ve witnessed him out there in minus 20 wind chill, paddling his way through slush in an attempt to catch that perfect wave. The size and strength of the waves themselves also sends a shiver down my spine. It may have something to do with the fact that my repertoire of swimming strokes is limited to the dog paddle, but he braves some seriously scary situations. As his darling wife, I honestly try not to think about it!

Somehow this month, I caught an extremely mild case of the surfing bug myself. Sitting at my rug hooking frame with blank burlap canvass before me, I found myself sketching waves. I guess the boys have been playing a lot of basement hockey because it didn’t seem to take me that long to create this little rug. I suppose it is inspired by the amount of time my husband spends analyzing, observing, checking and re-checking the surf conditions around here. I guess I can’t be too critical. His obsession with the sport of surfing likely rivals my wool obsession! I’ll give him the first right of refusal on this rug, but perhaps it will be a nice submission to this year’s Surf Art Show.

So for the time being, we’ll continue to crank the Beach Boys (painful, painful, painful) and surf our way around the living room while we anxiously await those summer sunny days!

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