Friday, 20 September 2013


After taking an extremely long break from this space, I have the sudden urge to get back into my habit of blogging.  Truth be told, I find it helps me feel a sense of gratitude in my life.  Looking back over old posts gives me a boost of positivity.  It helps me see all the good in my life in a very physical sense.  I also enjoy being part of a greater blogging community of like-minded people, trading ideas and inspiration. 
With that, I have always loved the Dreamy/Practical lists that Mary Beth of Salt and Chocolate puts together.  It helps her head into her valuable weekends with a sense of balance.  I’m a big list maker, so her approach really appeals to me.  I like the idea of focusing on both the fun and “work” aspects of a weekend.  I have a tendency to get bogged down with to-do lists of chores, so working the dreamy aspect of life into my to-do list is a good habit.  I think it will give my weekends a better sense of focus and balance…allowing me to get them most out of them.

This weekend’s list is pretty light so far…


·         Take a beach walk with the boys.

·         Set up the fall nature table (with help from the boys).

·         Special eat out lunch date to their favorite restaurant.

·         Visit with my parents and dinner out!

·         Visit my sister and her family.


·         Get a bit of bulk cooking done for the week ahead (granola and lunchbox cookies and muffins for the freezer)

·         Tidy up the garage entry way – putting away unused summer gear.

Happy Friday!



Mary Beth said...

I love your list! And I totally agree about blogging. It helps me see the good in my life. It takes time, but in the end I think it is worth it. Happy weekend! Your dreamy list sounds lovely. :)

Gabi B. said...

A walk on the beach is exactly what I'd call "dreamy"... you are so lucky to have a beach close by!

The Wool Fairy said...

Although the walk on the beach didn't happen, I would definitely say my weekend was more on the dreamy side. I think it had something to do with putting a bit of thought into it. Hope you both had wonderful weekends filled with lots on the dreamy side!

Andrea said...

I love the idea of dreamy and practical can be so easy to spend the whole weekend cooking and cleaning and running around and forget to slow down and just enjoy. The cookies sound delicious, too!