Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekend Review

Fall nature table.  I love taking out the same little treasures year after year.

A favorite stop on our way to visit the cousins!

Burgers, milkshakes and onion rings....Daddy would be jealous of this treaty lunch!

Checking out the pond creatures.

Wharf spider - this guy was aggressive!
So fun to ride on a paved road.  Star Wars man in the back cracks me up!

Successfully dressed in full battle gear. 

Roadside score!

Overall, I would say our weekend was a great one, especially considering the fact that Daddy was away on business…..AND I had to navigate through hockey tryouts by my lonesome.  I successfully strapped on a full set of goalie gear for the very first time.  It may have taken me an hour and four tries that initial attempt, but I pulled it off.  Phew, I’m glad that is behind me.  At least I know how to do it now so no more excuses I guess!  In our house, hockey falls under “Daddy’s Department”. 
On Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful visit with my sister and her family.  Although she only lives about 45 minutes away, we don’t see each other nearly enough.  The four boys always have loads of fun and this visit was no exception.  My two are always pumped to be able to drive their bikes on a paved driveway and road!  This is pretty exciting compared to our bumpy old gravel driveway.  Patient Uncle P was kind enough to spend the afternoon “fishing” with them (not a bite, but no one seemed to care).  I just enjoyed the chance to be outdoors to enjoy a summery-feeling fall day.
Today my parents came up for a visit to meet their new “grandchildren”.  We got a couple of lambs a few weeks ago, so formal introductions were in order.  I actually named one of them Annie after my mother, for the granddaughter she’ll never have (:  Nanny and Grandpa treated us to a yummy Thai dinner.  The two hockey players actually filled their bottomless pit tummies!
I can’t say I accomplished much on the practical end of things.  I did pull off a batch of chocolate chip cookies for this week’s lunchboxes.  I made a great score on free roadside “garbage” to assist in my entry way organization.  This old shelving unit was cast aside a few doors down and I could not resist.  It is absolutely perfect for organizing the ever-growing supply of family footwear.  Yay!  I do love free garbage (:

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