Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nesting Mode

This year in particular, I'm noticing the intense activity of our backyard feathered friends.  Each morning, the airwaves are filled a symphony of cheerful chirps and calls. As our family observes birds of all kinds gathering dried grasses and twigs, it's pretty obvious that nesting season has arrived.  The boys have been keen observers, providing me with regular updates on their robin, starling and goldfinch sightings.

I thought it might be fun to get Chi-Chi and Muffy involved in a little nesting of their own.  We pretended we were birds and ventured out to gather all the necessary supplies to construct a proper nest.  In no time, we had a hefty pile of grass, twigs, moss and dandelion "fluff".  I pulled out a package of recycled clay I picked up at the Wolfville Farmer's Market some time ago, and we all set to work.  It didn't take long to realize that building a nest is both an art and science!  I think it it gave us all an appreciation for the skill and detailed work involved in nest building.  It's pretty amazing to think those tiny creatures make such beautiful creations.

We were happy with our little nests.  They make a nice addition to our spring nature table, and will like last for years to come if handled carefully.

What spring-inspired crafts are keeping your little ones busy these days?

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