Friday, 4 May 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New!

After making his rounds to most of the Primary and Grade 1 classes in our school, our dear friend the giant water bug (aka water scorpion) is stepping out of the spotlight. Chi-Chi's latest scientific discovery is now taking centre stage. Much to my surprise, the boy discovered yet another monstrous aquatic bug this week - a predaceous diving beetle. Though not as large as the Uhler's water bug, he's still pretty impressive, measuring in at almost 2 inches. As you'd expect, our new friend will also be spending a few nights in our home for further observation and study. I have to admit, I think all this "bug lovin'" in the house is starting to rub off on me a bit. They truly are fascinating and interesting to observe...from a safe distance of course!  I'm not sure what the discovery from the pond will be....should I be scared?? (:
Because I can't help but find a way to sneak in a little crafting when an opportunity presents itself, I've been whipping up these journals for various uses around the home. They make great spaces for little ones to record their discoveries, while encouraging them to write. I use my sewing machine to put them together, with a simple stich down the middle. I think this finishing detail adds a nice touch, making them feel just a bit more special than if staples had been used.
I like to have a few blank ones on hand so the boys can grab them when inspiration strikes. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Lego Ninjago in the world, but a certain boy is quite smitten with them lately. I do, however, love his homemade Ninjago book, complete with photos! He devised the story in his head and set up a series of scenes, which I photographed for him. This was a great rainy day project.

Happy Friday everyone!

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