Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fun with Felt

We've been so blessed with a streak of gorgeous, sun-filled fall days this past week. As I enjoy my morning cup of peppermint tea at the picnic table, the boys are enjoying a chance to stretch their limbs and voices in the warm sun. It's so wonderful to witness lots of creative action unfolding in our much-loved sandbox.

In preparation for the much cooler weather that awaits us, my brainstorming sessions these days have focused on indoor activities for the wee ones. A recent crafting adventure lead me to the creation of a felt "story board". This was a simple twenty minute project which involved glueing a large piece of craft felt to a prepared blank canvas from the art-supply store. The real fun began, of course, once I started creating felt pieces to stick to the board. Wow! The possibilities are endless! I started out with the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and quickly moved on to "The Gruffulo" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". The kids are having a ball telling their own verions of these tales with lots of interesting and quirky twists. Armed with a good pair of scissors and my felt stash, Chi-Chi went to work creating his very own characters and objects. It certainly adds a touch of visual fun to story time and it also serves as a useful interactive learning tool.

For anyone interested in trying this out, I purchased acrylic felt from my local craft store. The Wool Fariy desparately wanted to use wool felt for the project, but sadly it seemed too heavy to stick to the board. I was, however, able to find some eco-felt made from post-consumer plastic bottles and was very pleased with the results.

My blogging these days has fallen down a few rungs on my list of priorities. With the holiday season fast approaching, I've got a project wish list that seems to be growing by the hour. I've been rotating my precious free time between the scroll saw, sewing machine and knitting needles. It looks like this Christmas elf has some serious overtime hours ahead of her over the next month!

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Sharing Ethiopia said...

love the felt...we are going to dig some up here too as O has been asking. He has a new interest in this medium as last week we had a "guest artist" in his classroom (compliments of the PAINTS program I applied for). She taked about the history of felt - oldest medium known to man. The kids then created a scene and we felted it.

I have asked where to get the wool - you probably know...but I bet your boys would love this. It was a big hit with O because he loves crafts, but he is crazy about science experience and it has a bit of both with the whole feliting process.

enough said :)