Sunday, 25 October 2009

Antiquing....Montessori Style!

A month or so ago, my dear mother came to spend the day with the kiddies so Hubby and I could have some much-coveted adult time. This past summer, our family travelled to Londonderry, Nova Scotia to pick up a couple of baby chicks at Active Life Farm. It had been years since we last visited this region of the province. Our quick day trip gave me the itch to venture back to the area for a leisurely day of poking around. Before the arrival of Chi-Chi and Muffy, Hubby and I spent quite a bit of time exploring this beautiful part of our province. It's perhaps not as well-known as the South Shore or the Annapolis Valley, but with it's untouched raw beauty it is definitely on my list of most magnificent places to visit.

With Mom's generous services booked for the day, Hubby and I hit the road for a day of sightseeing, antiquing, eating and uninterrupted conversation - a true luxury in these parts! With no little ones in tow, we spent a few hours poking and sifting through the various antique shops in the area. We came home with a fabulous deal on a screen door for our home. Though we were apart for the day, Chi-Chi and Muffy were in our thoughts and apparently on my shopping list as well. I stumbled on a solid wood, vintage high chair for a mere $14! I took a triple take on the price tag and snatched up this awesome deal. Though the children use their own child-sized table for breakfast, lunch and snacks, we always dine at the family table for supper. This chair gives Muffy the boost he needs to sit properly at the table. Now we just need to figure out how to get the ants out of his pants so he can sit still!

I also came across this old medicine cabinet and thought it would be a perfect fit in the boys' bathroom. We hung it at an appropriate height for the wee ones. Though it might look rather strange to an outside observer, it's simply perfect. In no time, Chi-Chi had it filled and organized with all the toiletry essentials - toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant (!) and a stuffed monkey. I think it gave him a sense of independence in the bathroom and I notice he is taking more care in his grooming efforts as a result. I've now made plans to hang child-height mirrors in several locations throughout our home. Why had I not considered this before? I was always using step stools instead of bringing items down to their level. It looks like my Montessori Makeover remains a work in progress!

So, it was my "day off" and it seems all we did was talk about the wee ones. Ah, but at least it was uninterrupted...such a luxury indeed!

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