Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My Anti-Aging Solution

Despite the fact I've got a holiday crafting list that might even give "Martha" a fright, I simply can't stop myself these days. It's often the spontaneous "in the moment" ideas that are the most fun and rewarding. As the boys grow older, it is fascinating to sit back and quietly observe the creative play scenarios as they evolve and take shape.

On a chilly afternoon last week I found my two very rambunctious monkeys quietly cuddled up with all the "babies" they could get their hands on, playing the game of family. Well, my heart melted of course! With a ball of yarn and crochet hook in hand, I found myself fiddling away until I came up with this simple little set of itty bitty babies to add to the clan. I dug out these tiny baskets I had picked up at the thrift store to provide the new babies with a spot to nap. It always amazes me that a few plain and simple items can unlock their imaginations. What fun the babies had that day, travelling by boat to Singapore, as well as participating in some serious potty training.

Another recent project was inspired by Muffy. Ever since my birthday a few weeks ago, the little guy has been throwing elaborate parties for me several times a day. While doing some on-line Xmas browsing, I stumbled on this wooden cake set and immediately knew Muffy would adore it. A bit of tinkering in the workshop lead to the creation of a festive little wooden cake for the play kitchen. I realize I probably should have waited until Christmas to give this gift, but I couldn't resist. Besides, it always seems these special handmade items are most appreciated when the distractions of a holiday are not present. It seemed the perfect gift for an ordinary Saturday morning with the family.

Although it is very rewarding to witness the enjoyment my children experience with my hand-made creations, it is more satisfying to see the skills I'm handing down to them. Last week I heard some squealing going on and discovered two very excited little boys digging through our kindling box. What I had considered woodworking scraps were apparently undiscovered treasures. Who knew there was a leaf blower and a power drill hiding among the sawdust and wood chips? Some glue, sequins and a bit of sandpaper quickly transformed some bits of wood into some of the best homemade toys around here. Hubby will soon be getting in on the action. He signed up for a very ambitious Christmas project...though I'm not sure he knows what he's in for!

The most brilliant aspect of the birthday cake? It possesses an anit-aging agent! It has a four year age restriction designed into perfect is that?


Emily said...

This is without a doubt the cutest little birthday circle/ring I have ever seen! What a find : )
Your blog is very entertaining. Thanks for putting your self and your family out there into cyberspace to inspire all of us!

The Wool Fairy said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Emily (: