Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Quick Knit Hit

I spent a good chunk of this past weekend as a couch potato. Poor little Chi-Chi came down with a nasty tummy bug on Saturday night. As a result, he was flaked out on the couch for the day, dozing, resting, nibbling Popsicles and watching a couple of movies (a very special treat!). With my boy feeling miserable, I parked myself next to him for the majority of the day to keep him company and provide a dose of comfort when needed. Thank goodness it was the weekend and Daddy was around to keep high-energy Muffy occupied and content.

I found myself with idle hands in desperate need of a project! After a quick Internet pattern search and a rummage through my wool stash, I came up with the perfect pick-me-up for my Chi-Chi. Every Santa-loving boy needs his own custom made Santa hat! I chose this free pattern from Lion Brand and made a few adjustments based on the wool and needles I had selected. By the end of the day the hat was complete and put into action by a perked up little boy.

So, just 30 days and counting until Christmas! We are in full blown holiday mode in these parts. I turned my back for a minute this morning and discovered my little monkey had dug this out of the basement. What, might you ask, is this bedraggled looking thing? It's Chi-Chi's personal Christmas tree from last year of course (minus the needles). Recycling at it's best! That's my boy (:

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