Friday, 31 July 2009

Preliminary Preparations...

I'll be the first to admit, it is WAY too early to be making a mere mention of "Back to School". Nonetheless, I found myself involved in a few preparatory activities this past week. Little Muffy will be joining big brother at preschool this fall. In a few weeks, he'll be attending orientation for new students (tears welling up, lump in my throat). I wanted to make the little guy something special to mark this momentous occasion. What better idea than a new little backpack - a must-have on every school boy's list.

This pattern served as inspiration for the project ( I did make a few adjustments to tailor it to Muffy's body). Super simple and super cute! It's just the right size to pack a pair of slippers and a fresh piece of fruit to share for refreshment. It will also make a lovely trail pack for our weekend family hikes - the perfect place to stash a pine cone or beach pebble.

The fabric is a sturdy canvas weight that I purchased from Pick A Petal on Etsy. I had enough left over to make a larger drawstring tote to cart all the other miscellaneous preschool gear - rain pants, extra sweaters and spare undies!

Ok, that's enough silly back-to-school talk for today. Off we go to soak up some summertime fun in the sun (or fog!!)

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