Friday, 24 July 2009

Simple Pleasures

There's nothing quite like a good vacation to leave you feeling refreshed, grounded and inspired. Our little family of four spent two wonderful weeks together, enjoying the simple pleasure of each others' company, as well as a wide variety of experiences and activities the summer season has to offer . With Hubby back to work this week, the wee ones and I kept things pretty low key the last few days, getting re-acquainted with our regular schedule and surroundings. I spent some time this morning flipping through the collection of photos from our family vacation, marvelling at the amount of joy and fun we packed into fourteen days. I felt a sense of sadness that those special moments are now behind us, but also a feeling of deep gratitude to have experienced them as a family. Looking ahead at the calendar, I'm filled with anticipation as there's still lots of summer to be had!

A trip back to Northern New Brunswick, where I grew up, is always on our annual vacation agenda. We spent a glorious week at the family cottage with my parents. For me, it is a time to reconnect with my past and celebrate my present life at the same time. The vision of Chi-Chi and Muffy prancing along the sandbars, literally overflowing with energy, curiosity and enthusiasm is like travelling back in time. It is a snapshot of my sister and I discovering those same shores thirty years ago.

I was struck by the fact that the simplest aspects of our vacation easily held their ground on the "fun scale" when put up against the more elaborate and costly ones. The discovery of a hermit crab, the first taste of a s'more, the sensation of a sand eel tickling an ankle, were celebrated with as much excitement as a trip on the infamous Theodore Tugboat.

Certainly, my personal highlight was simply enjoying the time as it passed- the time to sleep in each morning with baby soft cheeks and curls tickling my nose, the time to stroll leisurely along the beach searching for treasures in the sand, the time to take an afternoon snooze, the time to just be near the ones I love. I made a conscious effort to focus on the present this vacation. As hard as it was, The Wool Fairy left the wool stash behind this holiday. I have a tendency to get a little obsessive compulsive in my crafting efforts. It was a good break for mind and body and I'm now feeling refreshed and inspired to tackle a few new projects.

I'm reminded once again that a ticket to a far-off, exotic destination is not a pre-requisite to a fabulous vacation.


April said...

Glad you're home and refreshed - can't wait to catch up over a cup of tea soon.

The Wool Fairy said...

Agreed! It's been too long....and you have to meed the chickies. They are here!!!!!!!