Monday, 27 July 2009

Gameboy - A Traditional Perspective

Summer is definitely a time when our family falls out of sync with our regular routine. I suppose this is how it should be. These precious days of extended day light hours are definitely to be enjoyed and appreciated! We are certainly falling off the rails with our traditional 7pm bedtime. Muffy usually crashes by this time, but little Chi-Chi is turning into a bit of a night owl. The little guy was up so late last night that he slept in until 9 am this morning. Is this a flash forward of what is to come in those teenage years?!

A later bed time means a bit more time in the evenings to participate in family activities such as campfires, stories and our newest family pastime, board games! Since we've been having such a damp and soggy summer, I've been wracking my brain for some fun indoor activities. I have fond memories of playing checkers and crocono at the cottage each summer (anyone else share my love of this traditional Canadian game?). I thought perhaps it was time to introduce the wee ones to a little board game fun.

Inspired by this sweet game on Etsy, I came up with what I call "Help Bunny Home". The idea of the game is to help little bunny find his way home to the forest by moving to the appropriate spot with each roll of the dice. If you roll the bee, you get a nasty sting and have to go back to the start line. I cut the board itself from pine on my scroll saw and wood burned the lines. Digging through my rubber stamp collection, I came up with some cute nature designs to add a little fun. I finished things off with some watercolor paints and a yummy coat of beeswax (of course!).

Our family gathered around the coffee table as I proudly pulled out my creation. I imagined a wonderful bonding experience as we all sat around and shared in the fun over a tasty bowl of popcorn. It did not take long for Chi-Chi to become fully engaged in the fast paced action of the game. He was having a ball.......until he rolled the dreaded bee. Wow! I was taken aback by his reaction. He went a little crazy, game pieces flying in all directions. At first I didn't know what had happened. I thought perhaps he was actually stung by a bee or was in some kind of physical pain. We managed to calm him down and continue on with the game. We decided to stick to the rules, but emphasized the hilarious fun of rolling the bee. Oh well, he will get used to it I suppose. He's still LOVING the game, though I have noticed he's using suspicious dice rolling techniques that seem to help him avoid getting stung.

Ah, nothing like promoting even more competitiveness between these two little monkeys. Hmmmm......what was mama thinking? All in good fun (: It certainly beats video games, that's for SURE!


sherrieg said...

Wow - I am so impressed! It looks fantastic. And everyone has to learn how to deal with some stings in their lives, too. :) Hope you have many fun evenings together with your new game!

The Wool Fairy said...

Thanks for the kind words (: Hubby and I agreed we shouldn't bend the rules. Wish I had the whole episode on video - it was priceless.