Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Colorful Creativity

This morning I pulled out a brand new set of crayons from my art supply stash to add a little excitement to the morning drawing ritual. The metallic shimmering shades of this particular set intrigued the wee ones instantly. Chi-Chi snatched up the gold and silver and immediately set to work scribbling and experimenting with the colors. Before too long, his lines began to take shape and form. Soon he was drawing a family of golden slugs with silvery trails shimmering in the moonlight. (One look at my raggedy garden and it’s not hard to tell where he sought his inspiration for this masterpiece). I always find it fascinating to sit back and quietly observe my little artists at work. Sometimes the color of paint or pencil they choose is irrelevant as they set out with a specific idea or image in their minds. Other times, the color itself initiates the creative process, as was the case with the slugs.

I’ve been busy playing with color myself these last few days, dyeing up a set of rich and vivid skeins that will soon be on its way to Deanne Fitzpatrick's rug hooking studio and shop. My hope is that, just like the brand new box of crayons, the vibrant hues of my skeins will serve as inspiration to others. I’d be curious to see how different people interpret the colors and incorporate my textured yarns into their creations!

My skeins destined for the hooks and hands of rug hookers are most often inspired by the nature that surrounds me – stormy skeins, churning oceans, sunlit fields, autumn leaves. When it comes to dye jobs for little ones, I tend to turn things up a notch in the color department. Rainbows yarn is just plain fun to create and work with. This colorful little pouch resulted from my latest rainbow skein. I couldn’t resist the playful colors as I grabbed my crochet hook and set to work. It stitched up quite quickly and easily. I was careful not to refer to it as a “purse” around dear Hubby, though it would certainly make an adorable purse for a little girl! In our house it serves as a market tote in the play kitchen/store area, as well as a treasure pouch to store bits of nature on our outdoor walks.

Digging through my wool stash, I stumbled on a bland old scratchy skein that was screaming for a makeover. These little rainbow balls of yarn are headed for the sewing basket at Chi-Chi and Muffy’s preschool. I’m assuming the children will find them as attractive and inviting as I do!

You cant' blame this poor girl for craving a little color around here. Being tightly wrapped in a big blanket of coastal fog just might have something to do with it!

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April said...

I can't wait to collaborate with the Wool Fairy again this fall!