Friday, 13 February 2009

Some Bunny Loves You...

Due to a scheduling conflict, our family celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early this year. Our low-key festivities included a yummy spaghetti dinner and some crafty homemade Valentines. Chi-Chi and Muffy were busy all week creating their Valentine offerings. Borrowing tradition from my own childhood, our family has a “Valentine mailbox”. A week or so before the special day, our mailbox is placed on the dining room table. All love notes and small tokens are placed in the box, which is opened at the family Valentine dinner. The anticipation builds all week as deliveries are made to this decorated shoebox. Needless to say, the box was filled to the brim with colorful notes and clippings from our two little love bugs!

As a parent, I struggle with the holidays and the excess that seems to go hand-in-hand with these celebrations. A recent stroll by the “holiday” section of my local grocery store definitely confirms that Valentine's Day is certainly not immune to the trend towards excessiveness. Yikes! We steer our cart clear of those isles! Hubby and I have been making a conscious effort to keep gift giving “reasonable”. Our children are still so young so it is a good opportunity to set expectations low! I did, however, want to give the little ones a small token of love. Despite the commercialism behind Valentines’ Day, I do think it is a nice opportunity to express love for those special people in our lives. Chi-Chi and Muffy each received a little chocolate treat and a special wooden bunny made by Mommy. The boys were pretty smitten with their new little friends (and the chocolate treat of course). Though small, simple and inexpensive, these little Valentines were given with tons of love and the message that “some bunny” loves them very very much!

Happy Valentines Day!

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