Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Matter of Perspective

We find ourselves once again enveloped by a fierce winter storm. I spent the morning gathering reinforcements (i.e. groceries!) to prepare for bunkering down with the family. With the knowledge that yet another wallop of wintry weather would soon descend upon us, I made an effort to get out with Chi-Chi and Muffy as much as possible these last few days.

This past summer, I spent endless hours sitting on my back deck, playing with wool as the wee ones played in the sandbox. I likely spent $120 on sand to fill the generously sized box, but it was well worth the investment! Little did I know it would serve recreational purposes year-round. Yes, Mother Nature recently converted the beloved sandbox into a backyard rink! In my adult opinion, it’s a bit skimpy as far as rinks go, measuring a mere six by six feet. Chi-Chi and Muffy, however, could care less about these meager dimensions. They are eager to get their skates laced up and glide (as much as that’s possible) around the tiny ice surface. It’s all a matter of perspective I suppose. When you are little, your surroundings must seem somewhat magnified.

Hey, if the monkeys are happy, I’m happy. I’ve been enjoying a chance to sit on my deck and relax once again, despite the fact I’m freezing my behind off in the sub zero temperatures! I’m a bit of a “busy-body” so sitting in the frigid cold with idle hands is hard for me to do. Reminiscent of those warm summer days, I brought along a set of rainbow bowls I'm currently working on. I thought the sunny colored yarn would brighten up the somewhat drab white, grey and brown landscape. Surprisingly, I was able to accomplish a fair amount, despite the fact that my fingers nearly froze off and I lost my favorite crochet hook in the snow. Sigh....With the newest dousing of snow, my poor hook is not likely to be recovered any time soon! Alas, this is definitely not the last we'll see of Old Man Winter.

Once again, a lesson to be learned from the little ones. While I'm shivering and dreaming of Spring, Chi-Chi and Muffy are marvelling at the magic of the season and the fun to be had. It's all a matter of perspective!

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