Friday, 12 December 2008

Resisting Temptations...

Before Hubby and I planted our roots and built a home on Seaside Farms, we lived in some very, VERY tiny one-bedroom apartments. As two newly married frugal accountants, we were penny pincher extraordinaires.

As any homeowner would tell you, spending habits go through the roof before you even sign the dotted line. The term money pit comes to mind. A completely rotten deck railing, a full septic tank, pealing paint, a broken washing machine - just a few general household maintenance items to hit the books in 2008. My review of the past twelve months reveals a number of unbudgeted temptations I could not seem to pass up during the year – my beloved chicken coop, a painting for that horrid blank spot on the wall and more wool than any human being (fairy or not) could possibly burn through in a year.

The temptations are always lurking behind a corner, waiting to pounce on me in a weak moment. One such temptations resides in my basement. The cold, dusty concrete floors and the bare dismal walls scream at me to be finished. I dream of a cozy, finished basement space. I’ve even got an antique store counter hanging in the rafters of an Annapolis Valley barn, waiting to be transformed into the most amazing craft counter/wrapping center. A finished basement is not even on my budget’s radar. It’s at the very bottom of my never-ending wish list.

We are currently in the midst of a very wet and windy weather system. As a result, our time outdoors has been limited. There are times I fear my Chi-Chi and Muffy will literally be swept off to sea in the fierce winds we are experiencing. When in need of a change of scenery, we head down to the basement. Though the space is dark and dismal in my eyes, the children see a place they can completely let loose. They can run, shout, ride their bikes, swing and get good and messy!!! Only in an unfinished basement can they paint the walls and floors (and themselves) without one cautionary word from mommy. My only rule is no eating paint!

So for the time being I'm able to witness the silver lining in my doomy unfinished basement. I will continue to battle off the temptations on this one! I better make it pretty clear to these two monkeys that the basement rules differ drastically from the upstairs rules. Otherwise I may end up with a new paint job in my living room. I'm not a big fan of black and hot pink!

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