Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Cure for Homesickness

I’m feeling a little sick on this damp, chilly December day. The heaviness in my heart seems to indicate that I’ve contracted a mild case of homesickness. The changing of the seasons inevitably stirs up memories of childhood. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that I was hopping off the school bus, racing through the front door to give Mommy a big hug and kiss? Before running off to climb a tree or ride my bike, I’d plop down at the kitchen table and nibble on carrot sticks and apple juice, reciting the exciting events of my day to eager ears. How did the time zoom by at such lighting speed? How is it possible that I am now on the receiving end of after school kisses (ok, just preschool)? And my own dear mother, answering to the name Nanny? What’s going on here?

I decided to serve up a healthy dose of comfort food to cure my homesick blues. I enlisted the aid of Chi-Chi and Muffy and whipped up a batch of my all-time favorite after school snack – Michipicoten Sea Biscuits. They’ve been a favorite in my family for as long as I can remember. My parents used to pack them along on sailing trips in the family boat, The Michipicoten, named after a river in Northern Ontario where my father grew up. I have no idea where the recipe originated. A vague image of a tattered old copy of one of those “Ladies Auxiliary" cookbooks comes to mind. Anyway, they are certainly not low in fat or sugar, but they do include some yummy and healthy ingredients such as sunflower seeds and wheat germ.

Chi-Chi and Muffy had loads of fun baking cookies. The sight of Chi-Chi carefully and delicately cracking eggs is beautiful to watch. Muffy on the other hand, is a bit of a tasmanian devil in the kitchen! I can't help but laugh at his borderline "naughty" endeavors. I may be biased, but there isn’t anything much cuter than these two monkeys running around in their aprons. Chi-Chi’s cooking attire includes a chef’s hat but little Muffy is missing this essential element of the kitchen uniform. Chi-Chi declared that Santa will have to pack one in his sack for little brother. Of course, Santa’s got it covered. I purchased this adorable hat made by a Canadian mom in British Columbia – the lady behind SillyCon Designs. The child-size egg beater I picked up will also be a bit hit with Mommy’s little helper!

So I sat myself down this afternoon and munched on a bunch of carrot sticks, a tasty homemade sea biscuit and a tall glass of cold apple juice. I actually feel much better! I guess reminiscing about the past helped put me in touch with the present.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for entering my contest, and super thanks for the "shout out" on your blog:)

I'll be stopping by more often

The Wool Fairy said...

Muffy LOVES his hat!