Saturday, 20 December 2008

Having a Ball...

Though our family’s vacation this past summer was lovely, it was certainly a wet and wild one! With two active and curious boys, it didn’t take long for us to go a little stir crazy confined within the four cottage walls. The inclement weather opened the door to opportunities and activities we would likely never have signed up for, such as bowling! Every time I go bowling (once every ten years or so), I’m reminded of how much fun it can be. The kids loved it. At just two years old, Muffy in particular impressed us with his skills. And the shoes…..size 7 toddler bowling shoes are ADORABLE!

A couple of weeks ago I was picking up some thread at the local craft shop and I discovered a super deal on hardwood child-size bowling pins. Inspired by our vacation visit to the alley, I couldn’t resist them. They stand six inches tall and polished up quite nicely with a coat of beeswax. (I beeswax everything around here!) I also found a couple of wooden balls to complete the set. When I showed them to Hubby he just laughed. He reminded me that Muffy was recently caught pounding our windows with a wooden toy hammer. Hard wooden balls would not last long before a confiscation would be necessary! I considered using some of our woolen balls but figured they would be a tad light for the job. My best option seemed to incorporate both wood and wool. The result is a set of colorful felt balls with wooden cores. Hard and heavy on the inside, soft and forgiving on the outside! They are perfect!

I have to admit, my attempts to create felted balls in the past were less than successful. I was thrilled to discover a wonderful instructional video on creating felted balls at Her step by step instructions were very clear and easy to follow with fool proof results.

I'm "having a ball" picking away at these last minute little Christmas projects this past week. It’s just plain fun being one of Santa's elves and I’m thrilled to be as far away as possible from the dreadful crowded malls. I have no doubt this classic game will be enjoyed by all members of our family for many years to come – not bad for $11 taxes in!

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