Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Men Don't Listen....Or Do They?

Men don’t listen. Most women would definitely concur with this statement! My dear father has been practicing the art of “not listening” for a solid seventy years. He’s soon going to be outfitted with a shiny new set of hearing aids so we shall see if he gets away with it much longer! My husband is particularly skilled at fooling me into believing he is deeply absorbing my every word. He must have been exhibiting his fine acting skills when we agreed that we would not be exchanging gifts this Christmas. I certainly lived up to my end of the bargain! Ironically, I personally benefited from his poor listening skills this time around. Tucked under our tree was one very large and heavy box addressed to the “Wood Fairy”. I have to admit, I was pretty tickled to uncover a scroll saw beneath the wrapping paper. In no time, my mind began churning with ideas.

I’ve been admiring the original and beautiful creations of fellow Esty seller, Woodmouse for quite some time. In fact, Chi-Chi and Muffy each received one of her adorable wooden cell phones in their stockings. She is also the lady behind Make-Baby-Stuff, a wonderful website that is chock full of do-it-yourself projects for those interested in natural parenting. She offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to create adorable wooden animals at home. As a proud owner of a brand new scroll saw, I jumped right in and gave it a try. Wow! I feel a new addiction coming on. Chi-Chi and Muffy adore their new set of sweet animals. They are a perfect match to the farm play set the boys received from Santa. I’m particularly enjoying creating the forest friends that live in our backyard as the little ones can really relate to these characters.

Upon further reflection, I guess I feel a tad guilty for doing a bit of male bashing. I now vividly remember forcing Hubby to sit through the wooden toy tutorial on several occasions – my “subtle” way of telling him I “need” a scroll saw. I guess it turns out he was actually listening all along…. (:

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Sharing Ethiopia said...


So beautiful!!! Your amazing. You should totally add this to your etsy page. Perhaps the wood wool fary! Only the difference of one letter!