Monday, 23 June 2008

The Berry Binge

I actually squealed with excitement this morning when I spotted a sign displaying my favorite bright red berry at my local roadside fruit stand. I quickly maneuvered the car off the road and happily handed over a crumpled wad of cash in order to obtain my much-anticipated first taste of this year’s local strawberry crop. The “Berry Lady” remembered me well from last year and greeted me with a warm hello. She offered to lend me a large crate to transport my load of berries home.

Today’s menu goes something like this:

Breakfast – strawberry smoothies
Snack – fresh strawberries
Lunch – strawberries with milk and brown sugar
Snack – fresh strawberries
Supper – strawberry salad, pork tenderloin and rice
Dessert – strawberry shortcake
Late night snack – fresh strawberries

I’ll admit, at first glance it appears my family may experience some form of strawberry overdose. I did offer the wee ones a few more options to ensure they ingested a wider range of nutrients. I, however, indulged in my passion for strawberries. Sadly, the season is so short so I simply must take full advantage of this opportunity to berry binge.

I actually believe I inherited some form of “strawberry gene”. I come from a long line of berry lovers. My great grandfather was a strawberry farmer. My Nanny also shared my passionate love of them. Family folklore states that my mother was actually born with a “strawberry rash” because Nanny consumed such large quantities while pregnant. Strawberry season always brings back a warm flood of fond childhood memories. I can still envision the look of shock and disbelief on Papa’s face when the cashier rang in the total of our harvest at the U-pick. Nanny would not have had it any other way. There were plenty of berries for everyone. She and mom would spend the afternoon making jam while my sister and I gobbled up berries by the bowlful.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be participating in my own personal strawberry festival!  I'll be spending my days baking shortbread, whipping cream, making jam and of course, eating all the strawberries my body can handle.  Even the Wool Fairy is participating in the festivities, crocheting baskets full of berries for Chi-Chi and Muffy.  Let the berry binge begin!

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