Friday, 13 June 2008

Best Buddies

Chi-Chi’s doll Pedro has been feeling a little glum and lonely lately. After spending about twenty hours, seventy dollars and two tons of love on this little cutie, Chi-Chi has pretty much abandoned him. I have to admit, I’m not overly shocked. How can Pedro compete with the fleet of construction vehicles the Easter Bunny left behind? I concluded that Pedro needed a little buddy to keep him company. Besides, after spending so much time, money and energy on a doll for Chi-Chi, I figured little brother Muffy deserved one too.

His name is Casey and he’s pretty darn cute. Muffy has actually taken a liking to him, which helps heal my torn heart following Chi-Chi’s rejection of Pedro. Although Casey is my third attempt at a Waldorf doll, I still found this to be a very challenging, frustrating and fun project. The level of difficulty involved, particularly when trying to piece together the head, arms and body, makes me realize how skilled, talented and gifted real doll makers are. I have come to realize why these dolls are so expensive to purchase. The craftsmanship involved is amazing and the materials are of the highest quality. It’s likely no surprise that my favorite aspect of doll making is the hair styling. I love searching for the perfect mix of yarns to create a unique look. Casey’s locks were created with a wonderfully textured blend of mohair, angora, silk and merino wool.

I may be exaggerating just a tad about Chi-Chi’s rejection of Pedro. Pedro does remain untouched and alone most days, staring out the window longingly. Every now and then, about once a week, Chi-Chi will engage in an elaborate play scenario with Pedro. He is often Pedro’s father and he usually ends up cooking up a good greasy meal of fried eggs for his friend. The introduction of Casey into the family also increased the amount of playtime with Pedro. Witnessing little brother Muffy zoom through the house with Casey prompted Chi-Chi and Pedro to join in on the action.

I still believe that every little boy should have a doll at his disposal. Although males may not develop the strong bond that many females do with their dolls, there is still value in providing our sons dolls. Chi-Chi and Muffy undeniably both gravitate to more “action” themed toys. There are times, however, when the boys display a desire to demonstrate the nurturing sides of their personalities. Pedro and Casey are always there when they need them, ready and waiting to provide a warm soft hug and to happily gobble up a good old-fashioned greasy breakfast!

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