Sunday, 8 June 2008

Seeking Out Second-Hand

Being a bit of an antique nut, I’ve spent many years sifting through dusty shops, picking up treasures from the past. As a result, the vast majority of furnishings in our house are antiques. Not only are they more unique and interesting, but they are typically of superior quality and less costly than their new counterparts.   Admittedly, my past shopping habits were fueled simply by my love and appreciation of the antiques and my desire to collect and display them in my home. It wasn’t until the past year or so that I realized my antique fetish was a form of second-hand shopping that was good for the environment. Buying used instead of new, I was simply following one of the three 3’R’s – reusing!

I’m certainly not a committed second-hand shopper and I’m realizing this is an area I need to work on. In this world of ever-increasing instant-gratification, it seems anything and everything is available to us with the click of a button or a quick shopping trip to town. While I’ve always been very good at sourcing the little ones’ wardrobes at the thrift shops, there is room for improvement in my shopping habits.

Recently, my faithful little brown teapot broke and I quickly found myself in the market for a new one. Instead of trekking to the local mall, I headed to one of my favorite antique shops. In no time at all, I spotted a perfect “Brown Betty” pot. This made in England classic would add a touch of nostalgia to my daily tea rituals. My rummaging efforts also produced a simply adorable matching one-cup pot – absolutely perfect for little hands. Chi-Chi and Muffy will have a ball serving their peppermint tea in this cutie alongside Mommy.

I also picked up two sturdy cast-iron frying pans – perfect for our Saturday morning banana pancake feasts. I’ve been steering clear of non-stick coated pans so this was a welcome addition to our kitchen.

I've been taking stock of our household habits lately and devising a list of areas for improvement on the eco-friendly front.  Seeking out second-hand options is a small step in the right direction. 


Gypsy said...

Oh I am so jealous of your 'finds' I adore your teapots and the cast iron. Getting rid of my teflon is on my list - I'm hoping to find something at an op shop but actually need to get hunting! Buying second hand is a HUGE step in bucking the consumer society.

cowbaychica said...

Ummm those banana pancakes are the best I have ever had!