Thursday, 3 July 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

As much as Chi-Chi and Muffy find enjoyment in the magical world of their imaginations, they’re definitely always game to roll up their sleeves and get to work around the house. It never takes much convincing when it comes to helping Mommy in the kitchen.

We just returned from a trip to Nanny and Graga’s house in the Annapolis Valley. After a visit to the strawberry u-pick and a stop at a roadside farmer's market, we came home with a plentiful supply of tasty, fresh local produce to feast on. With big plans for my berry harvest, there was plenty of work to be done!

Chi-Chi loves his chef suit and he takes his role very seriously when decked out in his apron and hat. It’s an adorable vintage Robin Hood Flour set that my mother gave to me as a child. It warms my heart to see him taking such pride and joy in wearing the set. I’m flooded with fond childhood memories of working alongside my mother in the kitchen, baking up a storm and making a huge mess. Whoopie pies were my speciality!

With Muffy napping peacefully, Chi-Chi and I enjoyed some quality one-on-one time this afternoon. We had a lovely time smashing berries for freezer jam. This no-cook jam is the absolute best option with little helpers around. Chi-Chi also assisted with dinner preparations by ever so carefully shelling a batch of fresh garden peas. He only dropped one pea, which he speedily retrieved.

It’s not always practical to have the little ones underfoot in the kitchen, especially when hot pots are boiling on the stove. There are often days I’m simply too tired and impatient to deal with the additional mess that inevitably occurs. I am, however, trying to make an effort to get them involved more regularly.  Even if it's just tearing a couple of lettuce leaves for our salad, it makes them feel a part of the meal preparation process.  I'm hoping this translates into better eating habits.  Chi-Chi certainly gobbled up his peas at dinner time.  The jury's still out on this theory when it comes to finicky little Muffy!

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