Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Rainbow Connection

My good friend Nurturedmom will be celebrating a milestone birthday in a few short days. I wanted to give her something unique and special that I knew she would love. I didn’t have to brainstorm for long. The gift of wool in any shape or form would be a sure hit since she shares in my passion for the stuff!

Nurturedmom is a colorful kind of gal who is quite partial to rainbows. Why not try to combine her love of wool and rainbows in a perfect gift! A quick rummage through my ever-growing yarn stash and a couple of kitchen cupboards provided me with all the supplies I needed to create this one-of-a-kind present.

My “wool inventory”, as I like to refer to it, includes a few dearly loved skeins of natural merino wool that I picked up at Gaspereau Valley Fibres in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I thought it might be fun to tinker around with my dye pot again in an attempt to produce a skein as bright and beautiful as a rainbow. I believe I am now the proud owner of every color of icing dye manufactured by Wilton so I had a full palette to work with! The greatest challenge this project presented was achieving minimal mixing of the colors. By immersing just a portion of the skein in the dye pot at one time, I was able to achieve the desired effect. I’m so pleased with the results.

Today was yet another foggy day in our seaside community. I felt compelled to take this cheerful skein outside to add a splash of color and light to the pea soup atmosphere.

Happy Birthday Nurturedmom! I know you’ll think of a creative destiny for this vibrant and lively bunch of wool. A zany scarf? Warm woolies for the kiddies? Crazy hair for a punk rock Waldorf doll? It’s your choice! Have fun with it!


nurturedmom said...

Thanks so much Jenny Junebug! I was very touched that you would custom-dye a rainbow skein for me. I am so lucky and blessed to count you among my good friends. Bring on the big birthday!

I don't know yet what will become of the skein, but I can tell you that BananaMuffin thought it was my newest sling and wanted to be worn in it, so I put it on and threw her over my shoulders - sack of potato style - and popped her in. Now, don't do this at home, but I managed to hold her in it while I hung out the laundry!

I'm thinking mittens...

Thank you so much again! I absolutely love it!

PS - You should come for cake this weekend :)

Tilly said...

Hello there, I've just come across your blog and I'm enjoying reading about you and your little ones. So nice to find a 'blogger' with young children like me. I think the skein is a fabulous present. What a lucky friend!