Saturday, 25 August 2007

A Toddler's Tea Ceremony

I love a good cup of tea. There is nothing quite as relaxing and comforting as nestling into a comfy corner with a warm and soothing cup of my favorite tea. I’m pretty “plain Jane” when it comes to my taste in tea. I enjoy my Red Rose orange pekoe with a generous splash of milk. I indulge myself in this pleasure several times a day. As a stay-at-home mommy with two very active little ones, my daily tea rituals provide me with a welcome opportunity to put my feet up and unwind. That’s not to say I finish every cup to the last drop free of interruption!

I find the actual process of brewing a pot enjoyable. I don’t own an electric kettle, nor do I want one. The simplicity of putting a kettle on to boil is somehow more gratifying. An antique pine hutch houses my collection of eclectic pottery mugs. Each one reminds me of a special person, event or place we’ve visited. I carefully review my collection each time, selecting the mug that best suits my mood. I am very fond of each hand-made cup. The warmth and character that each one provides adds to the enjoyment of my “tea break”.

Chi-Chi also enjoys sitting down to a nice little cup of tea. His brew of choice these days is a homemade blend of peppermint and spearmint. As is common with most two-year olds, Chi-Chi is fascinated with the process as opposed to the product. The ‘tea ceremony” is the source of his entertainment and satisfaction. We have a little herb garden growing on our front step. He is “responsible” for watering these plants and takes his duties quite seriously. At such a young age, he seems to understand that he is caring for the plants that provide us with nourishment. He delights in carefully harvesting his mint leaves and enthusiastically runs them back to the kitchen for steeping. He rarely sits still long enough to drain his cup, but he certainly has fun along the way!

I suppose there is a lesson to be learned from Chi-Chi’s attitude and approach to tea time. As the saying goes, it is the journey and not the destination that should be cherished. This is definitely an area I can improve upon in my life. Hats off to Chi-Chi for reminding me of this!

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