Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Clover Invasion

My husband and I are always dreaming up strategies to simplify our lives and reduce the amount of time we spend running errands and doing chores. We both enjoy various hobbies and projects. With two small children, it can be extremely challenging to fit in personal time.

This summer we decided to take an “au natural” approach to some of our landscaping efforts. We stopped mowing our front lawn completely and encouraged a natural meadow to take its place. A “clover invasion” on our front lawn was the catalyst for this idea. Over the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed a sea of clover thrive, while the grass seeds we carefully planted seemed to struggle in our harsh coastal environment. Clover is such a lush and beautiful plant and our brood of wild bunnies adores munching on it. In the back of my mind I deduced that if the bunnies found contentment on their clover farm, they would refrain from dining in my garden! As a result of our efforts (or lack thereof) the chore of lawn mowing has turned into a 20-minute quickie.

I certainly enjoy the benefits of the lawn space that remains. It‘s a wonderful place for the little ones to stretch their legs and run. It will no doubt serve as a great mini soccer or ball field in the future. I notice, however, that both Chi-Chi and Muffy gravitate to the wild and natural spaces of our property as opposed to the manicured areas. Among the sweet smelling clover, goldenrod and wild yarrow, there is a wonderful world to discover. Although the meadow plants are waist high on Chi-Chi, he traipses through the bunny paths, inspecting insects and admiring the tiny sparrows. He delights in his regular sightings of bunnies and pheasants. We literally have a natural playground on our front lawn! Who knew that our laziness would reward us with such benefits?!

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