Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Royally Good Time!

We are all coming back to earth after a wonderful birthday weekend. There is certainly a stillness that washes over the household after such an exciting event. With both boys deeply consumed in exploring some of the presents Chi-Chi received, Mommy actually had time to put her feet up and relax.
I think the party was a hit and everyone truly had a wonderful time. Blue skies and sunshine most certainly have that effect on people. The party was short and sweet and was wrapped up in about an hour and a half. Everyone had a chance to spend lots of time outdoors, running, laughing and just being boys. Good old Uncle P deserves a big thank you for playing the part of the evil dragon on the knight's quest. Allowing himself to be attacked by eleven little boys yielding swords was self-sacrificing and truly appreciated!

For anyone who might be interested, here is the link for the dragon cake instructions. I served it with sparklers flaming from the nostrils, which the children really enjoyed. It might look complicated and impressive, but when you break it down, it's super simple and easy. The key is freezing before frosting! I'm imagining major frustration trying to decorate the small crumbling parts otherwise. The only "roadblock" I encountered was trying to figure out how to create a cool set of wings. Thanks to my good friend Ms. M. for her fruit roll up suggestion. I simply cut the wing shapes out with scissors, wrapped them around skewers and...voila!

The knight costumes were also a bit hit with the littles one! My husband played The King, and knighted each child before setting off on the treasure hunt adventure. I imagine the costumes added a element of magic and fantasy to the event for the children. Once again, this was much simpler than a first glance might reveal. The tunics were made from cheap pillowcases. I snipped arm and head holes and they were done. This took about 15 minutes in total. The belts are just strips of read fabric cut on my rotary cutter. The helmets were the most complicated, but also very simple. I used a Spiderman hood that came with PJ's as a template, quickly sewing up the seems and leaving the rest unhemmed. The shimmery fabric gives them a pretty realistic chain mail look.

Well, back to lunch boxes and laundry with Monday rolling around. Hoping everyone had a great weekend!


Anastasia said...

sounds like a great party! nice ideas.....we may just have to try that out when the boys are older :)

kate said...

Super fantastic cake!!!!! It looks like your boys and the party goers had a great time! Hope you got to put your feet up for more than a few minutes!

Michelle Cleary said...

Great job Friend!! Love the cake and the easy costumes. I hear you on the party planning. I am gearing up for the big 11 with my boy in two weeks. Finally it is getting easy, boys, burgers on the bbq and a movie.

The Wool Fairy said...

Thanks for all the kind comments ladies! It was certainly lots of fun for kids and adults alike!