Friday, 15 April 2011

Egg-xactly What I Needed

The Easter Bunny paid an early visit to our house today. In fact, two little bunnies have been sneaking around, giggling and hiding eggs in every nook and cranny imaginable.

All this bunny behaviour was inspired by today's craft activity. With Easter fast approaching, egg decorating is pretty much a given in this house, especially since I've got six dozen eggs stashed away, ready and waiting to be embellished! Most of these eggs are heading into school and preschool next week with the boys. It's always fun to share our blue and green Americauna eggs this time of year. I've been feeling pretty tired all week, so I just wasn't up for pulling out the paint, paint brushes and dye pot today (although this is definitely on the agenda for next week!)
I was looking for an egg-inspired craft that would be fun, simple and 99% mess free. My sister passed this idea along to me and it was exactly what we needed around here today - so easy for me, but so, so fun for Chi-Chi and Muffy. It was a win-win situation. I pulled out our stash of plasticine and a couple of styrofoam egg forms I picked up at the craft store. The boys pinched off bits of clay and molded them onto the forms, delighting in the rainbow of colors. When we first began, the clay was quite cold. Pinching was a bit tough for Muffy's little hands, so we used scissors to snip the clay into tiny pieces.

I'm thinking of trying a natural version of this with some colored modelling beeswax I have stashed away and some wooden egg forms. I'll let you know how it goes. Either way, these bright and cheery eggs are seeing lots of action. I whipped up some cardboard bunny ears, made myself a cup of tea and sat back for a good solid hour while my bunnies went to work. It was pure bliss (: Happy Weekend everyone!

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