Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Cup of Comfort

It’s a dreary, rainy, snowy November day in these parts. Perhaps my gray mood is a reflection of not only the weather, but my rather comatose/sleep deprived state this morning. Hubby was on a business trip last night and as luck would have it, Muffy came down with a nasty case of the tummy flu. It was a bit of a rough night with two little ones in my bed – one power puking to my right, the other screaming for attention on my left!

I was actually glad to see the light of day – an excuse to get us all cleaned up and to get myself a much-needed cup of tea! My morning tea ritual was actually a very special treat today because it was my first opportunity to use my new favorite cup! This warm, cheerful, earthy cup and saucer set just begs to be held. When filled with a steaming cup of brew, it’s the perfect size to wrap your hands around and warm up chilly fingers. Best of all, it was lovingly made by my artist cousin, the talented girl behind Branch Designs. My mom, sister and I attended a craft fair in the Annapolis Valley this weekend where my cousin was offering her wide array of creations and delights for sale. We went home with our shopping bags full. Mom treated me to this adorable little birdie cup and my sister went home with a beautiful bracelet and quilted headband. As a belated birthday gift, my sister had me pick out these ocean inspired buttons. I’m dreaming of the beautiful sweater these will adorn! Check out Branch Designs on Etsy!

As I sip my tea and admire my new teacup, my spirits can't help but be lifted. I’m thankful for this ho-hum, PJ kind of day. I’m so very lucky to have my two little ones safe and snug at home with me today. Muffy can recover from his bout of the flu in these warm, cozy and comforting surroundings. Of course, I’m still counting the hours down until Hubby returns! With a two year old vomiting around the house, one could always use an extra set of hands… (:


Booiegirl said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I just found your blog from Nurtured Products for Parenting and I really enjoyed reading it.

I am an accountant like you and I have 3 year old triplets - life is busy but I am striving to change our lifestyle to be simpler, more ecofriendly, and less plastic!! but it is a challenge. I am totally jealous of your crafting abilities (and homemade toys) - absolutely wonderful - your children and family are very lucky!!

The Wool Fairy said...

Wow! Triplets! That's incredible. It must surely be a challenge to make life more "simple" with three little ones around.

Thanks so much for the kind words (: