Thursday, 11 September 2008

Too Late To Chicken Out

Sounds of pounding hammers and screeching saws have been echoing through the house for the past couple of weeks. Our two-car garage was recently converted into a construction zone! Hubby, Chi-Chi and Muffy are all proud members of the crew working on the latest building project.

A month or so ago, I casually mentioned to my husband that it would be “very cool” to raise chickens. I guess I was feeling a tad cocky and inspired by the overwhelming success of my bean patch. Before I had time to “chicken out”, the local hardware store was delivering a load of shingles and lumber to our doorstep. A man on a mission, my husband wasted no time diving into the chicken coop design and construction project. With the enthusiasm of a young boy, he set his sights on building a safe, practical and extremely cute home for our feathered friends. He spent many an evening pouring over chicken coop plans on the net and researching the ins and outs of successfully raising hens. I’m actually quite impressed with the progress thus far. The coop is really starting to take shape.

Chi-Chi and Muffy are enjoying their “preschool shop classes” with Daddy. I’m impressed with the knowledge they are absorbing during the process. My three year old is teaching ME about levels, building paper and cedar shakes! They may, however, be a bit over zealous about the tools. We recently had to confiscate their adorable wooden tool kit. One of mommy’s dearly loved antique tables was severely damaged during Chi-Chi’s re-enactment of coop construction.

So, with the coop nearing completion, all I need to figure out is what comes first….the chicken or the egg?


nurturedmom said...

I love their "hard hats" - upside down crowns, hee hee. Your boys are too funny :)

The Wool Fairy said...
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The Wool Fairy said...

Yes, it's certainly an imaginative use for those crowns! I can't say I would have ever thought of it!