Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hooked on Wool

How does a girl like me get so “hooked” on wool? It all started about 8 years ago, the day I set foot in the studio of Deanne Fitzpatrick, renowned Nova Scotia rug hooking artist. I was spellbound and speechless, completely mesmerized by her works of art. The truth, beauty and soul revealed in each piece touched me deeply. I left that day, my mind overflowing with inspiration and my shopping bag overflowing with wool!

Completely consumed by this newfound form of expression, I worked feverishly on my hooking that first year. I was simply unable to find enough hours in the day to flush out the ideas spilling from my mind. I used to rush home from the office during lunch hour so I could sneak in a few more precious minutes at the frame. Dressed in my dark navy business suit, I would drape myself in an apron and t-shirt to keep myself from looking like a lint monster upon my return to work. I spent countless hours sifting through bins at the local second-hand shops, seeking out inspiration in a has-been coat or a great old tweed blazer.

I created 31 works of art that first year. So deeply attached to the meaning behind each piece, I found myself unable to part with them. A large portion of the collection currently adorns the walls of my parents’ two hundred year-old farmhouse.

The years passed and my role and focus in life shifted. As a mommy, my number one priority and obsession these days is my family. My desire to create, however, still burns deep inside and it cannot be suppressed for long. Ideas soon start to surface and bubble over and there is no stopping me once that happens! The Wool Fairy evolved as a beautiful and natural combination of two passions in my life – my children and my love of wool (of course). Though not as time consuming and involved as a hooked rug, I consider each little carrot or strawberry a work of art on its own. It some ways the creations for Chi-Chi and Muffy provide greater satisfaction as I am able to witness first hand the innocent creativity and joy they evoke.

Not long ago, however, I did get an itch to get back to the rug hooking frame. I created this little rug, which depicts a landmark church in our community, as well as one of Hubby’s favorite surf breaks. I’ve decided to part with this creation and will be entering it in the upcoming Surf Show at the Laughleton Gallery in West Chezzetcook, NS. The show opens October 4th and runs until October 31st. You don’t have to be a surfer (believe me, I’m certainly not!!) to enjoy and appreciate the amazing works of art this show will display. It is a community affair that welcomes local artists, both professional and novice, to take part and celebrate surfing, the ocean, sea life and seaside people!

Although the hook in my hand may change from time to time, my love affair with wool burns as strong as ever!


BeFRuiTFuL said...

I have enjoyed viewing your blog today. Love the basket of crocheted fruit and vegis.

From a fellow rug hooker.

nurturedmom said...

I must get down to that exhibit! Too bad your rug already sold ;( Maybe next year!

The Wool Fairy said...

Yes, you should try to make it! It's always a great show. I even added another rug to the exhibit last minute so you'll have to check it out!

April said...

We're going to try to go - Becky may join us for the opening, it just depends on whether the Spunkers can come too - Beck knows the couple who operate the gallery and tells me I'll be in love with the property...just what I need, to fall in love with another old house!