Sunday, 14 September 2008

A New Life for an Old Tree

Hubby and I have been married for eight years, together for ten. Somehow, he still manages to surprise and amaze me with his vast array of hidden talents. Today we can add “chainsaw sculptor” to his list!

The boys and I enjoyed a very exciting afternoon observing Daddy chunk logs into firewood for the coming winter. The combination of power tools and little boys is always a sure hit! Hubby must have been struck by a creative whim. Before I knew it, he was magically churning out wooden works of art.

I’m known to have a bit of a fetish for child-sized chairs. I may have just two little ones under my roof, but I’ve got a plentiful selection of seating options for them. I can now add two more to my collection! Hubby sawed up an adorable pair of log chairs for Chi-Chi and Muffy. They create a perfect resting place for cute little bums to watch Daddy work magic with his saw. What a cozy picnic nook for the wee ones to enjoy a snack of cherry tomatoes picked fresh from the garden.

These rustic little chairs were made from a poor tree that fell victim to Hurricane Juan five years ago. It’s great to see this dear old tree find new life! They will surely outlive those plastic kiddie lawn chairs from Walmart that barely survive one season.

Best of all, these dear chairs were crafted with love by Daddy! As Chi-Chi and Muffy sat on their new thrones, the look of pride and admiration on those two sweet faces said it all. Thanks Daddy, we love you!

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nurturedmom said...

I'm glad Spunky and BananaMuffin were able to try out these very cool chairs for themselves the other day. As much as I love them, I am TERRIFIED of chainsaws, so you can be sure I'll most likely never have a set of my own ;)