Sunday, 9 September 2007

Recharging my Batteries

It is a breezy, sunny fall morning. The air is crisp, yet a hint of summer still lingers. As I lounge comfortably in the pergola, savoring a steaming cup of tea, a light gust of wind rustles the leaves of the wisteria vine overhead. The wind chimes entertain me with a cheerful, nostalgic tune. I breathe deeply. I am feeling rested, relaxed and calm. The day before me is a blank canvas and I am free to decorate it as I my heart desires. Something seems amiss in this picture. It is most definitely not a typical day in my life as a mommy. There are no meals to prepare, bums to change, floors to wipe, toys to tidy. It is a day of well-deserved self-indulgence!

In the two and a half years since Chi-Chi's birth, we've been separated a mere two nights. My one-time "getaway" was far from peaceful or relaxing. It was spent at the local maternity hospital, giving birth to dear little Muffy. Muffy's first birthday is fast approaching and I decided it was not unrealistic or outrageous to grant myself the luxury of a weekend alone, free from my day-to-day chores and obligations.

I booked a room at the best five star B&B I know of- my parents' house in the Annapolis Valley! Their 200 year old home overlooks a picturesque valley of rolling farm fields. The house is warm, cozy and full of charm and character. The big bonus for me is the incredible room rate. I'm always welcome free of charge!

The Annapolis Valley is 'the place to be" this time of year. There is a contagious sense of enthusiasm buzzing in the air during the fall harvest season. The farmers’ markets are overflowing with a colorful array of freshly picked fruits and veggies. My shopping basket was filled to the brim following my visit to the Wolfville Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Apples, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, corn, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, beans – these are just of few of the tasty treats my family will be feasting on this week. A visit to my favorite antique shop, “Antiques at Home” in New Minas was followed by a relaxing afternoon of reading and chatting with Mom. I enjoyed the simple pleasure “free time”, something most of us with young families crave desperately!

I’ll admit, I’ve placed a total of eight phone calls home in the last thirty-six hours. I miss the sticky kisses, sweet smiles and even the poopy little bums! When Monday morning rolls around, I will feel more grounded, patient and appreciative of my family. Just last week, Chi-Chi turned to me and stated, "I want to be by my lone, Mommy." Even at this tender age, Chi-Chi recognizes that we all need personal and private time to think, listen, read, dream (or in his case, have a poop behind the couch). My simple little “no frills” getaway was just what I needed to rejuvenate my mind and body. I will be heading home with my batteries recharged.

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