Saturday, 15 September 2007

Kozy Kanteen

It was a wet, blustery day today. The wild weather presented our family with a perfect opportunity to “bunker in” for the afternoon. With both little ones tucked in for a restful nap, I settled into my overstuffed couch with a comforting cup of Red Rose and a basket full of wool. I’ve been itching for a quiet moment to embark on the latest project brewing in my head.

A few months ago, I initiated a “plastic elimination campaign” in our household. Worried over the risks associated with the use of plastic beverage and food containers, I started seeking out non-plastic alternatives. Chi-Chi and Muffy were outfitted with a set of “Klean Kanteen” stainless steel sippy cups. These sippy cups are available locally through my friend at Nurtured Products for Parenting ( Our Klean Kanteens have been a big hit. Their trim and lightweight design makes them easy for Chi-Chi and Muffy to handle. As a concerned mommy, I’m pleased to have found a healthy alternative for serving drinks to my precious little ones. The canteens are both durable and easy to clean. I have noticed, however, that these metal cups can become a bit cool for little hands when refilled with a frosty serving of milk. A quick wrap in a tea towel easily takes the chill off. Although this does the trick, I decided to devise a solution that would be more fun, creative and colorful!

My deep passion for wool and my newly acquired crochet skills inspired my latest endeavor. I hopped in the car for a quick ride to my local yarn shop – Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth. After an hour of drooling over the gorgeous selection of luxurious natural fibers, I settled on a sumptuous skein of hand-dyed wool by the Fleece Artist ( I was convinced that both Chi-Chi and Muffy would be drawn to the ocean-inspired hues of my selection – a most beautiful blend of blues, greens and aqua.

Although simple and straightforward in design, I’m very pleased with the new "Kanteen Kozy". It works wonders at keeping tender little fingers warm and toasty. As a bonus, it helps soften the blow when the odd cup is hurled across the hardwood floor! Chi-Chi adores his Kanteen's new wardrobe and enjoys fingering the soft wool as he guzzles his yummy milk.

The rhythmic and repetitive motion of my crochet hook is often meditative in nature. With the rain battering against the window and the wind whistling through the eaves, I lost track of time today, absorbed in the details of my project. What a “kozy” way to spend a stormy afternoon!

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