Saturday, 28 January 2012

Music to My Ears

Wow! The holidays are certainly a busy time of year for all of us! This space fell to the wayside as I found myself immersed in a flurry of festive activities during the month of December.

I took a much-needed breather in January. With all the "creating" that goes hand in hand with the gift giving season, I'm usually feeling pretty fizzled when the new year rolls around. I've been spending my days focusing inward and re-evaluating goals and priorities. I seem to enjoy approaching the new year on a very practical foot - revamping my fitness routine, organizing, clearing clutter and assessing finances (the accountant in me).

That being said, I recently found both the time and inspiration to work on a fun sewing project for my aspiring musician, Chi-Chi. He's got big dreams of playing the electric guitar someday. We are taking baby steps, and he just recently started ukulele lessons. He's having loads of fun with this new interest of his. I have to admit, I'm even learning something, which is always a bonus!

As we headed out for Chi-Chi's very first uke lesson, it quickly became apparent that my boy needed a few "accessories" to help him safely transport his instrument and song books back and forth. After browsing through Etsy for some inspiration, I came up with a simple fabric sleeve that would do the trick, as well as a matching tote bag. Check out this link and this link for sources of my inspiration. It's always so enjoyable to go through one's stash and devise fun fabric combination. I selected a cozy, soft 100% wool for the main body of the uke case as I thought it would provide adequate protection without needing a liner (and therefore complicating the project!). I was pretty tickled with the final result, as was Chi-Chi! I even included a few secret "pick pockets" to store extra picks and other important treasures of a 6 year old boy.

As these two boys of mine grow older, I find myself making fewer items for them by hand. They do still play with so many of the handmade toys I made over the years, but their interests are changing and evolving. Music is certainly taking center stage in our home at the moment. It warms my heart to see both boys truly engaged and inspired. I'm noticing that music represents a form of expression and connection for Chi-Chi in particular, serving as a tool to overcome shyness and step outside his comfort zone.

Whether in tune or not, it's all music to this mama's ears!

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Michelle Cleary said...

Oh my, I love the uke bag!! Great job. I need to make a ballet bag for dance class I best get on it! SOOOOOO glad you are back in this space! xom