Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Official Opening

The holiday season was officially kicked off in our household today......although the Chrismtas activities began long ago. The boys were greeted this morning by the family Advent calendar, a much loved tradition in our home. I've tried to keep the Advent treats simple this year. In previous years, I gave a combination of treats, trinkets and treasures. This year, I'm giving teeny weeny little treats each day. More candy is certainly not something the boys need, but it kept things simple and easy for Mama. The treats are very, very small so I'm ok with it. (i.e a single gummy bear). I do so love Mary Beth's idea of the Buy Nothing New Advent Calendar. I may shift to this in future years as it is a nice alternative to the focus on receiving gifts!

I spent some time pulling out a few seasonal decorations today, including our nativity scene. I made this little set a couple of years ago with my scroll saw, inspired by the work of Woodmouse. I also pulled our collection of Christmas stories and books from storage. I keep these items tucked away during the rest of the year. They are much more appreciated and treasured as a result.

There is something comforting about reading these same stories each year....some of them dating back to my own childhood. My all-time favorite Christmas story collection is The Animals' Merry Christmas, written by Kathryn Jackson and illustrated by Richard Scarry. I'm a huge fan of Richard Scarry and his Busytown gang. Where is Christmas Jesse Bear? (along with all the other Jesse Bear books in the series) is also a family favorite!

My dear friend Michelle popped in for a quick visit today to pick up some alder branches to decorate her classroom. Now that the boys no longer attend her preschool, we don't see each other as often. It was nice to catch up and connect. She had requested some of my candycane yarn for classroom crafts. It makes me happy to send a bit of Wool Fairy goodness to the students at Maple Tree. I did up a bit of this yummy yarn for my own crew, as I'm sure there is a great deal of Christmas crafting in our near future. It's so easy to dye up! I just randomly dump a bit of red and green dye on a natural skein of yarn. It's fun and festive.

Happy December everyone!

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amylynn said...

Your wool and manger are both beautiful.