Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Procrastination Game

It seems I've been practising the fine art of procrastination over the past month. The holiday season found me scrambling to complete a long list of handmade gifts and Christmas crafts. The procrastination game was played right up to the eleventh hour. Hubby and I spent Christmas Eve in Santa's workshop, making a dollhouse for the boys. I considered bailing on the project, but I had worked so hard on the look-a-like family dolls that I didn't want to leave them homeless. I'd also slaved away at a Santa play set for each of the boys including a Santa bendy doll, wooden sleigh, sack and reindeer. Where would the poor guy land his sleigh? The dollhouse simply had to be completed!

I have to admit I've been feeling a little zapped of creative energy following this flurry of activity. My New Year's Resolutions this year are pretty standard - exercise more, eat a more healthy diet and be more frugal. Boosting time spent in the kitchen and pounding pavement in my running shoes means less time for obsessive crafting. Frugality also puts a bit of a dent in that wool budget! Completely drained by all the crafting and creating, I vowed to put such efforts aside for at least the month of January. My creative writing on this blog was also included this category. So much for resolutions. We have not yet made it through the first week of January and I have already knit myself a hat and started a Valentine banner, and of course, here I am stringing words together.

On the bright side, I've been trying out some great new recipes and cooking up a storm this past week. I'm enjoying the opportunity to take full advantage of the beautiful food we receive each week in our CSA food basket with Taproot Farms. Who knew cabbage and kale could taste so darn good? I've also been exercising quite faithfully, fitting in my runs around the winter Nor'easter storms - no small feat! So you may see a little less of me in this space over the next while as I take a breather from my creative efforts and focus on a wee bit more balance!

Ok, I'll take the break AFTER I finish the Valentine banner.....


April said...

Ahh, that's better. I was freaking out there were no posts since December 1!

Happy New Year, thanks for the great playdate today, I feel like we haven't talked in AGES, and it was good.

The egg was delicious, I hard boiled it and ate it with butter for lunch. Good work Loco and Speck!

The Wool Fairy said...

Sorry to leave you hanging in December. The crafting was out of control!

Yes, our visit was long overdue. Thanks for the chat and the company this morning.

And of course, I'm glad you enjoyed your farm fresh egg!